Operating, maintenance and commissioning serves accompanied by instructions for use and maintenance of which must inform the person performing service. Repairs, cleaning and other work inside the distributor is permitted to carry only state without tension. Distributor may use the qualified person under the decree č.508/2009 Z. z. MPaSV.
Maintenance consists of LV switchgear maintenance of equipment (supply circuit breaker status contacts, connections, fuses) and is governed by specific regu-lations manufacturers. The fuse-rails should check the status of contacts and cor-rect insertion of liners. Supervision, operation and maintenance of the work asso-ciated switchgear can be conducted only by authorized personnel in accordance with STN EN 60439-1.

Switchgears for transformer station (standardized reports, possibly atypical for the delivery of the drawings.)
Main switchgear for power supply buildings, industrial buildings, ...
Breakout and safeguard boxes (SR, RIS, PRIS, SPP, ...)

Production of low voltage switchboards

Our company manufactures all types of switchboards based on the project documentation. We use all the components of renowned manufacturers (EATON, Schneider Electric, OEZ Letohrad, ABB, Legrand, SCHRACK, TRACON, Weidmuller, SIEMENS, ...) Components are inserted in distribution boards with high quality durable finish (EATON, Rittal, SCHRACK, SAREL, ...). If required we also provide atypical dimensions and structures. We can prepare a free estimate based on your requirements.