USM (universal measuring box)

LV switchgear box, type USM is designed for measuring energy consumption. Basic structure is steel plate box or plastic box, which is equipped with a measuring kit according to patterns of energy in the place of consumption. USM is usually fitted wardrobe mounting plate, which is equipped with a terminal connected test ZS1b clamp outlet connected before fusing and meter.

Basic technical parameters cabinets of USM:

  • Nominal voltage up to 420V AC
  • rated current up to 25A
  • IP54/20 envelope
  • type of housing: STA, ASTRA, SCHIAVI, SCHRACK etc.

Standard dimension of cabinets is 500x700x200 mm. In the case of a large number of measurements can be used a larger size boxes, respectively. more boxes will be used where it is installed measuring kit. Involvement of the measuring unit is dependent on measuring the electricity supplier.