Photovoltaic solar plants

Growth of living standards of most countries is exponentially reflected in the total demand of electricity. This development started around the early 20th century and is associated with rapid industrial development, supported with consumer lifestyle. Slowing tendencies become visible only as a result of the Great Depression, or long-term stagnation of the world economy, since all electricity production technologies are based on the use of non-renewable sources, mineral resources of earth. Many wonder how long we have until these resources are exhausted. Therefore, the European Union committed itself to increase the share of renewable energy production to 20% by 2020. The feed in prices are guaranteed for 15 years by the Act no. 309 / 2009 on the promotions of renewable energy. Price is determined by the Regulatory Office for Network Industries under Decree No. 2 / 2009 of 10.6.2009. Our company is able to supply a complete turn-key solution for a photovoltaic solar plant.