The Site

The whole assembly does not require foundations, stored on compacted 15 cm high gravel bed horizontally stratified, the underlying weathered soil with a minimum capacity 250 kN/m2

Supporting structure of the transformer

Beams below the transformer consists of two reinforced concrete designed to provide the weight of the transformer, which include railway tracks. Between the rails on the rear pulley is positioned to pull transformer. The whole weight of the transformer is so spread over the shell. On request it is possible to convert the fire galvanized steel beams.

Cover Design

It consists of three parts:

  • Handling concrete walkways or fire galvanized lattice grates
  • Gravel backfill the arc of 300 mm, placed on the fire galvanized steel lattice grates
  • Rough hatch 800 x 800 mm on fire galvanized or cast iron construction with integrated wall

Basic characteristics

Perfect sealing against leakage of oil and water production through a combination of stability through the corners and fittings monolithic concreting principle reservoir depth is optional depending on the amount of rainfall the area assembly of multiple cells is possible to build a habitat for the largest transformers part of the supply and delivery of the fire diaphragms opportunity to equip the tank gravitational separators of rainfall and spilled oil